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SnugTop or No-Top!

2016 Ford XLT Regular Cab Fx4 with a SnugLid TC

"Beautiful product- keep up the good work! This is my 7th Snugtop (have owned 3 Snuglid tonneaus and 3 Snugtop canopies over the past 20 years)"

Eric L. Sturtz of University Place, Washington

2005 Spiral Gray Chevy / GMC Avalanche with A XUV

"I have received my new SnugTop XUV for my Avalanche, and it looks awesome! It really helps our family with cargo challenges; we can now transport my 2 large dogs in their crates and not have to worry about the elements. Transporting items is also more assuring because of the weather we have here in Western New York. My husband and I installed it in less than an hour. I knew by truck was distinctive before, and always caught a few looks, but now, people look and don't know what my truck is. That suite me just fine. The cap really matches great and gives the truck a whole new look. Nice job! I took the truck to my dealer and even they were impressed with the look and what it does for the truck."

Janet Hauer of Rochester, New York

2012 Toyta Tundra with a XTR

"Upon receiving my truck back from the guys over at SnugTop, I was surprised to see the new XTR shell installed and functioning perfectly. The clean look of the XTR gives the truck an all new look and also gives the truck extra rack space that I was needing. I have since installed a rooftop tent on top of the XTR built in rails and it works perfectly. The built in LED light is also an extra plus at night when needing light inside the bed. The carpet lined interior is also a huge plus as it looks perfect with my bedrug I already have installed. Overall I am 100% satisfied with my SnugTop XTR shell and would recommend many others to purchase the same."

Tim Grachen of Brea, California

2014 Toyota Tundra with a REBEL

"My Snugtop is like putting icing on a cake - perfect."

Ken Keyes of Granada, California

2010 White Toyota Tundra with a SnugLid

"Perfect fit, finish, and the most simplistic operation available in the industry. As a SEMA PRO Select member, operating four SEMA member companies, I cannot be more impressed with this product, which is installed on a SEMA show truck. Not only is the product aesthetically and mechanically impressive, the security of the top protected over $4000 worth of product and personal possessions when someone tried to pick the lock and pry open the top, unsuccessfully. I am thoroughly happy and love the product, enough so that it is proudly displayed on one of our flagship show trucks."

Dave, VP of Santa Fe Springs, California

2011 Blue Ford F-150 with a SnugLid

"Great quality product. Looks like it was made specficially for my truck. Their quality and attentions to detail is unmatched. It keeps all of my gear dry and makes my truck look awesome."

Mark Wright of Austin, Texas

2007 Silver Birch Chevy / GMC Silverado Classic with a SnugLid SL

"The best bed cover on the market. You guys also have the most pleasant people to deal with. I had a problem and called and was treated great you guys rock."

Charles Dunham of Las Vegas, Nevada

2000 Red Toyota Tundra SR5 Extended Cab 4x4 with a Cab HI

"I bought my truck with SnugTop used. The fact that the truck already had a CabHi SnugTop was a definite deal maker. Now seven years later, nine year old truck and top, the SnugTop still looks great. No fading in the color and zero maintenance ever. Great product, thanks for getting it right and providing such great quality."

Leo Lavery of Las Vegas, Nevada

1999 White Chevy / GMC Silverado Ext Cab with a SnugLid RL

"The Snugtop S/L is in my opinion the best on the market. Period. The custom fit, style, and fit and finish is perfect. Also on the underside carpet is a nice added customer and the remote is a wonderful plus. Overall it fits my custom Silverado beautifully."

Mike Dacquisto of Novato, California

2011 Red Ford Super Duty with a Cab-Hi Chevy

"We originally contacted Snug-Top with an unattainable goal; an indestructible fiberglass top that would hang on for dear life as we blasted terrain most thick unfathomable in an 8,500 lb. straight axle truck. After speaking extensively with the marketing department, sharing videos of our escapades and further discussing the requirements given the conditions to which we’d subject the shell, it was recommended we run the Cab-Hi. The Cab-Hi has reinforcements in all high stress areas, smaller windows (more structure) and an aluminum frame rear window. The deck was stacked in its favor for 99% of Snug-Top users; however, no camper has lived to see a year on a Carli truck.

We continued testing of our suspension systems with our now Snug-Top equipped Super Duty with the Shocks getting larger and terrain getting rougher. Over the past year, we’ve been relentless in our attempts to give the shell an honorable death. We’ve made it bleed,; we required a 3/8” bolt through the shell frame and bedrail on each side to prevent fort-aft movement and added few rivets to the rear window frame to keep everything together (the fort/after movement of the shell took the pressure off the rear glass causing the frame issue). Understand, our use is extreme me and we fully expected this shell to be disposable within 6 months of the purchase; the fact that it only required some additional hardware to put up with us is astounding. That said, after updating the rivets and preventing the shifting with the bolts, we’ve given the shell all we got and it’s been nothing but great, as has the entire Snug-Top team (corporate and their retailer that did some of the work for us)! We couldn’t be happier with our choice to go with Snug-Top.

Thank you for everything! "

Carli Suspension of Corona, California