Care & Maintenance

SNUGTOP will give you years of trouble free service if you follow these recommendations:

To Prolong The Life Of The Finish

To properly care for a painted surface, wash (with a mild detergent) and wash the cap or lid every four to six weeks with a high quality car or boat wax. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Do not wipe painted surfaces with a dry cloth. Please wait approximately 60 days before waxing to allow for maximum cure of the finish.

For Rubber Collar Only

Please keep the area between the rubber collar and back of the truck cab free of dust and dirt. You can use a damp cloth from the inside of the cap to wipe this area clean once a week. When waxing the cap, be sure to wax where the rubber collar makes contact with the rear of the cab. This will reduce paint wear.

To Care For The Parts Of The Cap

Lubricate all moving door lock parts once a month with an oil base lubricant. Do not use any silicone or petroleum distillate (WD-40) type spray lubricants. Lubricate locks, hinges and locking rods regularly.

SnugLid Only

Paint wear caused by the SnugLid resting on the truck rails is not covered by this warranty. Follow specific installation instructions to minimize movement of the lid, which could cause paint wear. Always drive with the lid closed and locked.


Improper tightening of the mounting hardware may result in excessive movement of the cap causing paint wear where the rubber seal makes contact with the truck rails and where the rubber boot makes contact with the vehicle’s cab.

Note: Please contact your dealer regarding the availability of products which protect the truck surface against scuffing and/or chafing.