Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get information about SNUGTOP products?

There are 3 ways to get information on SNUGTOP products.

  1. 1. Our website will provide to you with product information, product availability, dealer location and more.
  2. 2. Your local SNUGTOP dealer will give you the latest brochures in addition to assisting you in choosing the right products. Check our dealer locator.
  3. 3. You may also request a brochure by sending an e-mail request to: 4info@snugtop.com. Please include: Name, address, contact phone number, SNUGTOP products you are interested in and your truck make/model/year.
Can I purchase SNUGTOP products directly from the factory?

Products are not sold directly from the SNUGTOP factory. Your local SNUGTOP dealer should be your first stop when thinking about purchasing a SNUGTOP product. They will be able to provide you with the best product for your needs. Additionally, they will give you pricing and delivery details for all SNUGTOP products.

Do I have to drill holes into my truck?

No, SNUGTOP products do not require the drilling of holes in your truck for lids or caps. SNUGrip unique, one-piece mounting system makes possible easy, no-drill mounting of the SnugLid tonneau cover to the truck bed and only SNUGTOP has it. Heavy-duty aluminum brackets clamp onto the bed rails, eliminating the need to drill holes. The full frame of the bed supports the struts that hold the lid open. The SNUGTOP shells utilize a clamp retain system for mounting on a truck.

Can I take my lid or cap off easily and how long does it take?

Although SNUGTOP products are securely attached to the truck, they can be removed if needed without causing damage to the truck. Truck caps will require at least 4 people to lift the cap off and a minimal amount of tools. The tonneau cover can be removed by 2 people lifting if off and requires no tools! Each process takes about 30 minutes.

Will my SNUGTOP affect my mileage?

Yes, but in a good way! SNUGTOP asked a third party to put our products to the test. We passed with flying colors! We were able to prove that full sized trucks with covered beds actually improved their gas mileage by 10%. This was true with either the truck cap or tonneau cover.

What makes SNUGTOP the best products on the market?

Industry-leading features come standard with a SnugLid. Each tonneau cover and truck cap is made specifically for your model truck, with stand-out design, superior quality construction and craftsman-like finish. Each tonneau cover and truck cap has:

  • Custom-fit for each and every model
  • DuPont® ChromaPremier® basecoat and clearcoat paint
  • Lifetime-warranted for both paint and structure
  • Smooth finish edges
  • Two-point locking system with rugged stainless steel locks
  • Lid overlaps tailgate to provide extra security
  • Integrated stainless steel hinges
  • One-inch thick honeycomb reinforced construction
  • Built-in rubber seals to protect cargo from the weather
  • Heavy-duty gas props for easy, trouble-free operation
  • How much do truck caps and tonneau covers weight?

    This depends upon the product. Weights also vary due to many factors such as what accessories or options have been chosen and the size of the truck it's mounted on.

    How much weight can the truck caps and tonneau covers hold?

    The weight that a shell can handle is approximately 150-175lbs. The tonneau covers will typically hold about 75lbs. Our SNUGPRO with rack has been tested up to 500lbs

    How secure are the truck caps and tonneau covers?

    SNUGTOP products have the best locks in the industry. SnugLids have rotary latch systems that gives you added security. SNUGTOP truck caps have the same technology. Additionally, the tonneau covers and shells over lap and secure the tailgate of your truck.

    Are your products waterproof?

    Our truck caps and tonneau covers are weather resistant but not weatherproof. Added weatherproof features such as the double bubble rubber seal help to drive water away from the interior of the truck bed. However, please take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of any items of value stored.

    How do I get service for my SNUGTOP?

    Both warranty service and out of warranty service is provided exclusively by SNUGTOP dealers. Please use our dealer locator for the dealer nearest you.

    Is there any maintenance that I need to perform on my SNUGTOP?

    Your SNUGTOP will give you years of trouble free service if you follow these recommendations:

  • Prolong the life of the painted surfaces by waxing your SNUGTOP every four to six weeks with a high quality car or boat wax. (Wait approximately 30 days from the time of purchase before waxing to allow for maximum cure of the finish.)
  • Keep the area between the rubber collar and back of the truck cab free of dust and dirt. You can use a damp cloth from the inside of the shell to wipe this area once a week. When waxing the vehicle, be sure to apply wax where the rubber boot collar makes contact with the back of the cab.
  • CAUTION: Improper tightening of J-hooks (mounting hardware) may result in excessive movement of the shell causing paint wear where the rubber seal makes contact with the truck rails and where the rubber boot makes contact with the vehicle's cab.

    NOTE:Contact your dealer regarding availability of products that protect truck surfaces against scuffing and/or chafing.

    What does the SNUGTOP Warranty cover?

    SNUGTOP offers a lifetime structural and paint warranty on all of its truck caps and tonneau covers. To view our warranty card for more information, please click here. For clarification of your specific warranty questions, please contact your local SNUGTOP dealer.

    How do I find out if my truck cap fits other truck makes/models?

    We do not recommend using a truck cap or lid from one model of truck to use on another model. You may be able to use the same truck cap or tonneau cover on a different year of the same model. Please check our model availability chart for the most current information.

    Where do I go if I didn't find my answer here?

    If you still have a question or problem that our website or local SNUGTOP dealer could not solve, please contact our Customer Service department at 562-432-5454. Their hours of operation are 8:30AM-5:00PM PST Monday through Friday.