A Heritage of Industry Leadership

For SNUGTOP it all began in 1959 when Bob Kyle began building aftermarket hardtops for European sports cars under the Custom Fibreglass Manufacturing Co. banner and calling them “Snug Products” —which soon morphed into “SNUGTOP.” Their fit and finish were far superior to similar products on the market and SNUGTOP’s reputation for quality was well underway.

The transition to truck caps began in 1965 with the introduction of a topper for the original Datsun mini truck —an industry first. Other applications soon followed, but the early shells were somewhat boxy and utilitarian. In 1973 the “gas crunch” hit and SNUGTOP responded with a sleek cab-high design for full-sized pickups that complimented the lines of the truck and provided improvements in fuel economy —factors that influence SNUGTOP designers and engineers to this day.

SNUGTOP’s industry-leading quality and trend-setting designs that complimented factory styling propelled the firm to the ranks of OEM suppliers; the first major long-term contract coming in 1979 to provide Subaru of America with tops for the unique “Brat” pickup. Contracts with other automakers, such as Toyota, Nissan and GM followed and are ongoing.

In 1989 the company was sold to an investment and management group headed by Hartmut Schroeder, SNUGTOP’s President and CEO. Since then, SNUGTOP has fortified its position of industry leadership through developing trend-setting products, earning numerous U.S. patents for engineering advancements, and receiving important industry awards for quality, style, and customer satisfaction.

SNUGTOP’s ability to design and build premium quality truck caps for a wide variety of vehicles has enabled the company to expand globally. SNUGTOP exports a multitude of products for trucks sold in European and Asian markets where consumers place a premium on style and manufacturing excellence. With new products being introduced all the time, SNUGTOP has expanded its lineup to include nearly 400 caps to fit virtually all trucks manufactured the world over.

In 2016, SnugTop was acquired by J.B. Poindexter & Co and is now part of the Leer Group. The Leer Group is North America’s largest manufacturer of truck caps, and a leading manufacturer of truck bed covers and other pickup truck accessories. The Leer Group is made up of a strong family of brands, including SnugTop, Leer, Century, Pace Edwards, and BedSlide.

Innovation in design and manufacturing technology and a relentless insistence on excellence keep SNUGTOP at the top of its field. As a result, SNUGTOP has earned a solid reputation and tremendous brand-name recognition. With more than 50 years of history and performance behind it, people continue to ask for SNUGTOP by name.