SNUGTOP Maverick Sport

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The Maverick Sport gets noticed with premium features like a curved glass rear door, an integrated rear spoiler and built-in LED brake light and head-turning curb appeal. Top it off with a Pro Lock and keyless entry system, both standard.


  • SnugRug Interior Shell Headliner
  • Removable Picture Window
  • Frameless Twist-out Window
  • All Glass Tailgate with Curved Glass
  • Integrated Rear Spoiler with Built-In LED Brake Light
  • Keyless Entry System
  • Pro Lock
  • 20” Tube Light
  • Gas Prop Switch
  • J-Bolt Clamp System

  • Front Window Upgrade Options
  • Framed Sliding Window
  • Removable Sliding Window
  • Solid Front – No Front Window

  • Additional Options
  • Sportsman Package
  • Single Fishing Rod Rack
  • Double Fishing Rod Rack
  • Clothes Hanger – Single/Double
  • 12V 3-Outlet Power Block

  • Add a BEDSLIDE roll out cargo drawer to your truck cap order for easy access to your gear
  • BedSlide 1000 Classic (1,000 lb. capacity) – Available in Black or Silver



The SNUGTOP philosophy is to gear you up with most comprehensive truck covers / caps in the market. Our designs are specifically made to meet your specific needs.


Our SnugTop's offer a quick and easy way to get out to your favorite activites. SnugTop's Roof Rack Options and Hidden Mounting System allow you to mount your bike or kayak onto your truck.

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