SNUGTOP PRO-LOCK with Keyless Remote Control

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Nothing added to your key chain. Be a Pro and upgrade to the PRO-LOCK with Keyless Remote Control!

Available for SnugTop: Super Sport, XTRA Vision, XTR, Aero Sport, Sport Hi-Liner, and Rebel

Grab your Truck Cap or Tonneau Cover today!


PRO-LOCK with Keyless Remote Control has these outstanding features:
  • Taps into OEM vehicle key fob
  • No additional fob added to your key chain
  • Unlocks and locks with your vehicles doors
  • Handle has a spring loaded mechanism that returns it to the start position
  • Allows you to lock yourself inside the cap.
  • Great for camping security!
  • Open or close the door without key in the unlocked position
  • Capable of being locked and unlocked from the inside.
  • Lock fits flush with the cap's tailgate
  • Textured metal cast cover

SNUGTOP PRO-LOCK with Keyless Remote Control


SNUGTOP philosophy is to gear you up with the most comprehensive truck covers / caps in the market. Our designs are made to meet your specific needs.