SNUGTOP All Purpose Sport Rack

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SNUGTOP is proud to present a roof rack system that is OEM inpired. Take your gear anywhere with SNUGTOP's All Purpose Sport Rack. Are you ready for The Perfect Fit?

Grab your Truck Cap or Tonneau Cover today!


·  OEM style and aerodynamically design 

·  Aluminum construction provides strength and rigidity while being light weight.

·  Corrosive resistant

·  Tracks are painted with black powder coat finish for added durability

·  Two custom fit tracks with gaskets mount directly to the roof top

·  Four sliding anchors allow for various crossbar attachment points

·  Low profile tracks - allows the vehicle to easily fit in the garage

·  150lb weight capacity


SNUGTOP All Purpose Sport Rack


SNUGTOP philosophy is to gear you up with the most comprehensive truck covers / caps in the market. Our designs are made to meet your specific needs.