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SNUGTOP and YAKIMA have joined forces to enable you to carry almost anything on your cap. Simply install a set of tracks and purchase the accessories for all of your recreational needs.

Grab your Truck Cap or Tonneau Cover today!


Yakima Control Tower Systems

Roundbar Kit

Includes: 54” or 60” tracks, 4 towers, a pair of 48”, 58” or 66” round cross bars, a set of 4 lock cores, landing pads and installation kit (Set of 4)

Corebar Kit

Includes: 54” or 60” tracks, 4 towers, a pair of 50” or 70” Corebars, a set of 4 lock cores, landing pads, and installation kit (Set of 4)

Jetstream Kit

Includes: 54” or 60” tracks, 4 towers, a pair of 50”, 60” or 70” Jetstream bars, a set of 4 lock cores, landing pads, and installation kit (Set of 4)

Yakima Tracks

Yakima Tracks offer easy connectivity and a low profile when towers are removed. Combine Yakima Tracks with your SNUGTOP to have a versatile, adjustable base for your rooftop.

· Available in 54” and 60” lengths with cap nuts.

Yakima Control Towers

Control Towers are quick and easy to install and remove. These instantly make your vehicle ready to carry any gear!

· Quickest on/off for a hassle-free installation and removal.

· Design creates solid engagement for vehicles with tracks.

Yakima Landing Pads

Pair with versatile Control Towers to make easy and secure tower system.

· Designed to fit with Control Tower system for the easiest on/off roof rack in the industry.

· Includes a snap-on cover when not in use.

Yakima Cross Bars

Crossbars attach to towers, provide stability to your roof rack, and support the sport-specific mounts that carry your gear. The width of your crossbars also determines how much stuff you can carry. There are three different types of cross bar styles to choose from:

Yakima Roundbar

· Made from vinyl coated galvanized steel

· Completely adjustable

· Available in 48”,  58” or 66” widths


· Constructed out of steel

· Sleek, aerodynamic shape

· Available in 50”, 60” or 70” widths

Jetstream Bars

· Constructed out of aluminum

· Includes a track for accessories

· Available in 50”, 60” or 70” widths

Yakima SKS Lock Cores

SKS stands for “same key system.” These 4 cores enable you to lock all of your Yakima products with just one key.

· Fits all lockable accessories

· Includes 4 SKS Cores and matching keys

· 2 keys included plus a control key




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